Travel Tips from an Event Planner

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Travel Tips from an Event Planner

Burr it is cold outside.  Come this weekend I will be headed to a more sunny location of Orlando Florida.  I am going to Disney actually, to execute an event for one of my favorite clients.  This event has been a whirlwind.  So much fun, but SO much work.  The last few years i’ve been more or less executing events locally – minus in January of 2014 when I went to Las Vegas, but THIS year – watch out.  I am literally all over the place.

Earlier this month I spent about 72 hours in San Antonio Texas, previewing a conference, and then this weekend I head to Florida.  April to South Carolina, then in June possibly to California, back to CT for a charity golf event, and then I am definitely going back to Orlando to accept my 40 under 40 award, and hopefully take a little vk.  I know the ins and outs of business travel from my Westin days. Going places is amazing, but getting there isn’t always the greatest thing in the world.  I have a few ways that I prep for my hectic travel schedule, so I thought I would give you a planners guide to business travel.  Here are 5 tips. Ready, set, go.  Leaving….on a jet plane…..

1) Make a list:  I hesitate to even write this, mostly for the DUH factor, but just in case you didn’t know WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN.  Seriously, everything, I mean it.

2) Take care of business:  I mentioned this in my “how to prep for the holidays” post, but seriously folks, get as much as you can out of the way before you leave.  This week I had a proposal due and then I knew I had to finalize a huge event, then get on a plane. I had to work the whole weekend last week but I am already done with the proposal and have a day to truly prep myself to go to Florida.

3) Tell everyone:  One of my secrets for success is to literally tell everyone that I work with and for that I am out of the office.  Not on vacation, out of the office.  Although 95% of them won’t remember or care, at least you have in your mind that they know, and hopefully they will hesitate to send you some of those items that can wait until you get back – instead of taking over your inbox.

4) Get your friends involved:  Juggling friends and family on top of a busy work schedule can get chaotic.  I let all my friends know that I am ‘going into hell week’ so they know not to have expectations of text conversations or dinner.  If you find yourself with some free time – great.  But at least you don’t have to carry the guilt of tabling some stuff until you have time to be a human again.

5) Leverage every free second:  I have used my travel suitcase as a laptop table, plugged in and hosted a conference call from the Atlanta Airport.  Bring paperwork, download stuff on your iPad before you board, do whatever you can to keep up with as much as you can on the road without exhausting yourself.  This keeps me from feeling overwhelmed and gives me a little break when I get home to take a deep breath and hit the reset button.

What are your tips?  Check back here next week to hear all about my Disney inspired Masquerade ball.


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