Something sweet for you saps out there

Anniversary Gift Box

Something sweet for you saps out there

Happy Valentines Day everyone.  I am not crazy on the whole concept of the holiday (not the sappy type), but I think it is sweet when someone you love gets a little romantic on you.  I don’t think you necessarily need a day to have someone tell you that they love you, but sometimes a little reminder doesn’t hurt.

My life in general gets chaotic at times, which can be taxing on a relationship.  Some days I could hide in my closet and no one would know, other days I am traveling all over the country or executing an event on location.  It gets hard to keep a schedule with your significant other.  Luckily for me I have one who is very understanding of my roller coaster lifestyle and somehow we always end up making it work.We recently celebrated our anniversary and for this occasion I decided to go to my ever handy Pinterest for gift inspirations.  Low and behold I found something perfect.  12 months of dates.  A sister had done this as an anniversary gift for her brother and sister in law.  I took that as inspiration and created my own date box for Ronnie as his anniversary gift.  So for all you saps out there looking for something sweet and romantic for Valentines Day here is my gift to you – here is how to create 12 months of dates in a box.

1) You agree as a couple to execute the date you selected for that month during that month.  You can open the envelope for the next month as soon as you’ve completed the date from the previous month.  The receiver of this gift needs to agree in advance in order for this to work.

2) Pick 12 categories:  Yes, categories. Each month gets a category.  Each category has a theme (for example, glow bowling, Iron Chef competition or game night – I am using these because Ron has already opened these ones and I know he will be reading this).  Whatever it is, pick 12 themes for your dates. If there is something weather related make sure you mark it on the outside of the envelope.  For me I placed a gold star on the three categories that needed to be done in warm weather.  Each theme gets a category and you go from there.  I used envelopes numbered 1 – 12 so he could pick which number he wanted every month.  Inside the box I labeled with the appropriate number any gifts that went along with that category.  Like for game night, I put Monopoly and Jenga wrapped into his date box, labeled with a 3 since it was category 3, and placed them in the box. When he picked category 3 he opened the gifts that went along with that envelope.  Make sense? I would give you my full list of categories and the shopping list for each but then that would ruin the surprise, so if you want it just email me.

3) Give clear instructions:  Each category should have 1 envelope that provides an overview of what the theme is and what any special instructions are. Click here to see an example of what I did for each category.  For the Iron Chef theme the envelope said that he would find 2 additional envelopes with twenty dollars in each of them, and another envelope with a score card. Oh and I wrote ‘may the odds be ever in your favor’ – I love me some Hunger Games.

1) Label carefully:  Make sure you place the right labels for both the envelopes and the gifts that go into the box.  You don’t want to mislabel anything and give the theme away for another month.  Make sure you somehow label the instructions envelope differently than another envelope you would use for the same category.  Like if you had a gift certificate you placed in an envelope, write category 11 on it, instead of just 11.  That way you know what envelope to open first for instructions.  Or get different colored envelopes.

2) Make a shopping list:  Like I mentioned some categories might require supplies, like for glow bowling I wrapped glow sticks and a gift certificate to the bowling alley and labeled them.  I have to be honest, I used Amazon Prime for most of my shopping items and it was a dream come true.

3) Be sentimental: Make the categories something that you guys can always do together as a couple.  It can be things that you have never done before, or something that you haven’t done in a while. Some should be a competition, but others should just be general fun. Keep a scrapbook of each months dates so you can look back at it later.

Whatever it is just have fun with it.  This was my master plan of getting to have date night once a month and it has been really great for both of us so far.


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