My 40 Under 40 Win: More than an Award


My 40 Under 40 Win: More than an Award

Alright guys- I know it has been a few months (sorry about that) but I have been so busy with East of Ellie! Great for my company, not for my blog.

In the last two weeks, I executed a charity golf event, shipped Cindy out to San Francisco to be on-site with a client for an event in September, and flew to Orlando to accept my second 40 Under 40 Award, so you could say I was a bit busy.

For today’s Chalk Talk, I wanted to tell you guys about my 40 Under 40 experience and listening to Chelsea Clinton’s keynote speech at the reception.

You guys know I am all about supporting women – I mean you have to be as a female business owner. When I heard that was the topic of Chelsea’s speech at the Collaborate 40 Under 40 Awards I was excited to say the least.

Chelsea talked about a lot of different things.  She mentioned how there are more men with three common names on the Board of Directors of companies than women CEO’s.  She mentioned that if event planners shared efficient planning tools with non-for-profits, society could be greatly impacted and it would be more valuable than any other service that we provide. She talked about her idol, who just wanted to plant a tree because they were no where to be found in her hometown, and somehow she started a movement.  It was inspiring.  Not only to be surrounded by your peers, but to see what impact the event planning industry has on society and how that truly makes a difference in people’s lives; whether that be personal or professional.  I find in my experiences, Corporate events tend to be a bit of both.

As if hearing Chelsea Clinton speak wasn’t enough, all the 40 under 40 winners were brought on stage and introduced in front of a crowd well over 1000 people, and afterwards, we were guided to another room where we met Chelsea.  That was pretty cool, and then she called me a “trailblazer” and said to “keep paving the way for women in the business world.”  Hearing that from someone who’s met and inspired hundreds of thousands of people really stuck with me, and I left feeling empowered and ready to tackle my next challenge.

After the award reception, I headed to Disney for a few days.  I couldn’t be in Orlando and not take a few days to explore the magical parks where dreams come true.  So I went to Magic Kingdom, LOVED that there were literally princesses everywhere, walked around Epcot and spent way too much time in Italy, if that is even possible, and visited Animal Kingdom, where I got to go on a Safari and ride a roller coaster that went backwards.  That was easily my favorite part.

My four day vacation was fun and much needed, but I was ready to get back to Stamford to dive back into my busy life with EOE.  We have a few MAJOR events coming up quickly that are demanding all of my time (literally 7am to 8pm) so I have lots to do!

How do you guys relax during your busiest months at work? Share in the comments below!


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