I’m Getting Married

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I’m Getting Married

Well all, it’s official.  Ronnie and I are getting married.  I have to admit (and not to start this off all sappy) but finding him is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me.  I am overjoyed and incredibly blessed to be able to spend the rest of my life at his side.

We had been chatting about getting hitched.  I knew he had asked Poppa Chalk for his permission and I knew that he had been ring shopping. But three weeks ago today I didn’t know he was going to be popping the question.

Knowing you might be getting engaged does funny things to a person.  I started dressing better, making sure my hair was always nice and my nails were painted. These are things I typically do, but I spent a little extra time coordinating outfits and putting on my mascara everyday.  Let’s backtrack to October 19, 2015.  I remember waking up that morning, very tired, and thinking to myself, it’s Monday.  Nothing is happening today – I am going to forget the makeup and the hair and get myself to work.  And that’s exactly what I did.

So I went to work, like any typical day.  Things were normal for a Monday.  I got a call from Ron around 2:30pm asking me when I was coming home.  This is a daily occurance so nothing seemed out of the ordinary.  LIttle did I know he was at the jeweler picking up a ring. I decided to end my day early as I was half asleep from a sleepless night before. I came home, about 3:30pm.  He was in his painter clothes as per the usual.  I immediately changed into sweats which I almost never do, but like the whole day had been going – I was having a major case of the Mondays.

We had just ordered a new dining set so we were looking at paint colors for that room.  Pickles (the cat) had been very sick the week before.  For whatever reason, probably because she is a cat and does what she wants, she keeps eating leaves.  Leaves somehow always make their way into the apartment.  I have no clue how, but they are always somewhere.  As fate would have it she thought it would be a great idea to eat a leaf she found on the floor and immediately get sick.  Ron and Pickles are like peas and carrots, so when he went upstairs to check on her I didn’t even think twice about it.

Within a few minutes I hear Ron yelling for me to come upstairs – something about Pickles.  Next thing I knew I was running up the stairs terrified as I think the cat is having some sort of seizure on the floor.

As I round the corner, there is my future husband, down on one knee.  Before he could even ask me to marry him, the words – are you serious – come out of my mouth.  I have a tendency to be a bit blunt, and I guess the exact moment of my engagement was no exception.

I then give Ron the opportunity to actually say the words, “will you marry me?” To which (apparently) I replied – of course.  I don’t really remember that part, but that’s what my fiance tells me happened.

He was still down on one knee at this point, so I got down on my knees and just started hugging him.  I wasn’t really sure what to do, I was in full blown shock at this point.  We said a few words to each other, and then he reminded me that he had to put the ring on my finger, which he then did and we both got up.  I had no idea what to do next. For me that is very much out of character as I usually know what to do, or at least have a plan in place.  No plan here, it had just happened, at 5pm on a Monday, and it was perfect.

I got dressed and put on some makeup.  Ron immediately asked me what I was doing, I told him I had been waiting for this day my entire life, I was going to put on some jeans and mascara.

So that’s the story of how we got engaged.  Since then the outpouring of love and excitement from our friends and family has been overwhelming.  I pinch myself daily as I stare at my ring finger and think of the promise that this engagement brings.  A future family with the most amazing man I have ever know.  A house, a life together, and so much more than just friendship.  We are best friends and each other’s companion, and I know that in 40 years we will still be playing thumb war and talking about the time he proposed after the cat threw up on a Monday.


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