Guess Who’s Back

Bulgari goes to Disney

Guess Who’s Back

Sorry all – I haven’t written in a month or so – but guess who’s back? Emmy’s back.It has been kind of a nutso month.  I was in Orlando, hosting an event at Disney for Bulgari, then returned home to a bunch of projects that have been keeping me – let’s just say, BUSY.  The other day I took my dining room table and pushed it against the wall and proclaimed this is now my home office.  It was like I had conquered it in my viking ship.

So for todays Chalk Talk I figured why not give you guys a little Emily life update. This month was great – but I had a number of very interesting things happen.  So look at this post as a few short stories of my month.   And here we go.

Story 1: I Went for the Gold
Disney was great.  Honestly this client of mine is one of my favorites.  I love all my clients equally, like I would if I had children, but this client specifically I know what she would say before she even opens her mouth.  We think alike and I know what her pet peeves are.  It allows me to do my job flawlessly.  Right before I boarded a plane for Orlando she asked me for something that will shoot fear into any event planners soul – matching gold.

Gold.  Ahhhh gold.  Most of you probably think gold is a beautiful metallic color that just sparkles in the light.  I am sorry, but you are wrong.  Gold falls into a category that actually isn’t so nice.  Just like white, there is no standard shade of gold.  Getting different gold things to match – well it is virtually impossible.  When my client wanted a last minute gold party, I was a little terrified.  We ordered clear chairs and gold table cloths.  Sound simple enough? Yeah – its not.  Snafu numbero uno – Disney didn’t actually order the chairs we rented.  Originally I had selected clear chairs (they are called ghost chairs) to make sure we didn’t run into this gold matching issue, but sadly they were not there when the event started to get set up.  Let’s fast forward to problem 2, they didn’t order the linen either.  Fantastic.  Ok so now their events team is literally running around the vast Disney empire looking for gold linen.  And of course not any gold linen, the ones that matched the gold chairs that we were now stuck with for the event.  A very very long story short their standard linen happened to be gold (by some small miracle) but had this horribly weird stitching on it.  Well fun fact in event land – when you FLIP LINEN OVER that has weird stuff on it, usually the underneath is fairly normal.  So we got our gold linen and the team and I spent the time hiding the seems at the bottom so none of our guests would be any of the wiser.  Emily 01 Event 00.

Story 2: Go Daddy Deleted Me
I am a patient person.  I don’t get upset, and I always just want a solution so whatever the problem is I can fix it.  I needed to add some email boxes to my account this month.  They can be pretty expensive, so when I asked Go Daddy what my options were they recommended a new product that would allow me to keep all the features that me and my team love about Exchange, without the ridiculous price tag.  So I go about that, delete my inbox (because you can’t have multiple email systems on one server or some shenanigans like that) and wait patiently for my new inbox to load.  When the new inbox was live I went to look at my text messages and noticed that all the contact were missing.  ALL OF THEM.  Ooooooook.  So I call back Go Daddy.  New person, “Yes I am sorry ma’am but you won’t be able to use your contacts that were on your old email oh and those old emails from all your clients over the last 5 years, those won’t go into your new inbox either.” Sweet, total opposite of what the other person told me, but what the hell, let’s just go back and i’ll mortgage my car to get the new emails I need.  So she tells me to delete my MX records (apparently where all the happiness of EOE email lives) and add in a new one.  Within 5 minutes all my emails were completely GONE.  So here I go, calling GoDaddy again – for the third time in less than 5 hours – this time with a ‘what the F’ attitude.  So basically both reps I talked to gave me 100% wrong instructions and my entire system got deleted.  It was back up in 24 hours, but you can’t take an email box away from an event planner.  Its just not cool.

Story 3: I Won an Iron Chef Competition – But Just Barely
I’ve told you all about the Ronald date box. This month was an Iron Chef competition that we had on St Patricks Day. The deal was another couple gets the pick the secret ingredient and we get $20 a piece to buy food and the winner is picked based on an evaluation sheet that I found online. Our friends Becky and Mark picked Guinness as the secret ingredient.  And it was one of the more fun nights I have had in a really long time.  I made chicken with the coleslaw non sense and sweet potatoes.  Ron throws some beer on a strip of pork and into a mixture of canned sauerkraut and almost took the trophy.  Not that I am upset about that or anything. Thank god for my fancy square red plates otherwise I may have lost.  I event DEBONED a chicken.  Readers, this is a super fun couple idea, I highly recommend it.  Just dont let your guy grill your chicken, you lose points for that.

Story 4:  I Realized How Much I Needed Someone, and How Much She Needs Me
I’ve had a best friend since I was in college, and her name is Valerie.  We have been there for every milestone of each others life.  I was there when she got married, when her father died, when her son was born and for every birthday since.  We talk easily 45 times a day, and I can have a conversation with her even when I have no idea what I am trying to say.  She gets me, she always has, and I get her.  I think we all have a few people in our lives who have become family without even realizing it.  This week I realized that I have so much to be thankful for and without her support I wouldn’t be where I am today.  She has always talked me off a ledge, and helped me make sense of my nonsense.  I love her, and couldn’t imagine her not in my life. Thanks for always helping me grow Vally.

Story 5: I Said GoodBye to My Laptop
My Laptop.  It has been the best of times, and it has been the worst of times.  This week I had to say goodbye to my laptop.  We have seen the world together, literally she’s been to Paris twice and Milan.  I travel everywhere with her, I’ve frozen her, chipped and abused her, and she always did what she could to make me happy.  I build my company on her, and for that I will always be thankful.  She gave me all she could for as long as she could, but now, she’s off to greener pastures.


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