An Event Planners Guide to a Proper Event Day Outfit

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An Event Planners Guide to a Proper Event Day Outfit

Do you have children (or pets in my case) that use you as their personal towel? Or maybe you have those days – which for me are all too often – where before you even walk out of your house there is coffee on your blazer?  I guess that’s another one of the many traits of being an event planner.  You just get the job done, regardless of the impact on your appearance – and unfortunately your wardrobe.  

As an event planner, some of your longest days are going to be spent at a venue hosting an event.  One important element to having a smooth event day is being comfortable.  My outfit choice may directly impact the success of the event?  This may seem silly, but in my experience – it does.  

A well thought out and practical outfit is a big contributor to your overall attitude and quality of service on event day.  If you are uncomfortable or unhappy with your choice of shoes it could start your day horribly, and the blisters by the end will be an absolute nightmare.  Where are you going to (safely) store your cell phone?  When I planned an event in 2014 for the Vice President of the United States I planned my outfit VERY poorly and actually went to place my cell phone in the side of my bra strap.  One of the attendees saw me doing this and offered to hold it for me.  Needless to say that was a little awkward and only happened because I forgot to wear something with pockets.

As event planners we spend our lives dedicated to limiting our clients worries, and tend to leave our needs at the very bottom of the totem pole.  A proper event outfit not only makes your life easier, but it’s just one less thing you are going to have to worry about on event day.  

After a decade in the industry, I have finally learned what works on event day – and figured out the hard way what doesn’t. Save your feet and your pride with my tips below. 

Black is my go to color on event day – are you surprised? Probably not. It’s practical, sweat-proof, spill-proof and blends easily.  Let’s face it, on the day of your event, you could be doing anything from heavy lifting to acting as a catering captain; the list of ad hoc duties are endless!  Wearing a black shirt will ensure that you look professional, no matter what.  

Although I wish I could get away with wearing yoga pants event planners need to be at the height of professionalism.  For a more casual event, black jeans is my go to pant. Whether it’s a stretchy jegging or a flare, black jeans are a great option.
If your event calls for a fancier dress code, I live by New York and Company pants.  They look like business pants, but slip on and feel like yoga pants, so it’s the best of both worlds. 

My office has tried everything when it comes to shoes and frankly, we wish we could get away with wearing a simple Nike running shoe, but that doesn’t usually fly with the dress code.  To dress up the sneaker look but still have a certain level of comfort, Keds or Toms are a great option, and our office is split half and half on which shoe is better!  If you’re not sure about any of your shoe options or must wear heels, bring a few options to the site.  If one pair feels like a cloud by your toes, but scrapes up the back of your heel, switch midway through the event to the other pair that isn’t the best on the ball of your foot, but is blister free! It’s all about picking (and switching) your battles.

This obviously isn’t a necessity for event day, but it’s something we love at EOE.  Because we do so much while executing an event, we like to keep track of our steps and calories burned to keep track of all the work we did.  Competitors to the core, we even have a competition in the office for who walks the most steps on event day.  If you’re not about the look of having a Fitbit on your wrist, there are solutions. Many companies like Tory Burch make Fitbit covers, so you can still monitor your activity, but appears as a regular bracelet.

Keeping jewelry to a minimum is key to being comfortable and looking professional as an event planner.  Avoid anything dangly, especially earrings and necklaces. Stick to simple studs, like pearls. A watch is necessary, and always have extra hair ties.

What are the clothes or shoes that you can’t live without when executing your events? Please leave your comments below!


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